Brief History

On February 2020, the Production Office was created with three sub-units: the Intellectual Property Unit, the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Unit, and the Publications Unit.
During the 3rd Quarter Regular Board of Trustees (BOT) Meeting on September 2, 2020, the BOT passed BOT Resolution 20-1320 approving the “BASC Policy on Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, and Research Collaboration” otherwise known as the “BASC IP Policy”. Article 8 of the BASC IP Policy stated the creation of the BASC Intellectual Property Office with the main function of supervising the implementation of the IP Policy and commercialization of BASC IP assets. The IP Office shall also act as the Technology Licensing Office of the college.
Through the IP Policy, the Publications Unit was transferred and the Production Unit was renamed the Intellectual Property Office (IPO). The IPO started operation on January 1, 2021 with Engr. Joselito D. Tucit as its first Director.


The BASC IPO is under the supervision of the Vice President for Research, Extension, Production and Development, who in turn is under the supervision of the College President. The BASC IPO is supervised by a Director, who is a distinguished faculty member or administrator in the College, who is familiar with intellectual property and technology transfer policies and procedures.

Functions and Responsibilities of the BASC IPO
In general, the BASC IPO shall supervise the implementation of the IP Policy, commercialization of BASC IP assets, and also act as the BASC Technology Licensing Office (BASC IP Policy, Article 8).
The specific functions are as follows:
a. Administer and monitor the implementation of the IP Policy;
b. Coordinate activities with the other offices/departments/units in the College to promote awareness and compliance to intellectual property laws and policies;
c. Conduct seminars, trainings and workshops on IP and Technology Transfer and Commercialization;
d. Facilitate the registration of appropriate Intellectual Property Licenses for inventions, innovations, and new technologies generated;
e. Evaluate the potential of the works submitted for commercialization;
f. Negotiate with BASC personnel with respect to the development of independently owned technologies, after a determination of their commercial potential for pur­poses of registration, licensing or joint venture agree­ments;
g. Manage BASC IP portfolio, including the drafting, filing, and pursuance of applications with the In­tellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPO Philip­pines) or the National Library, as well as the maintenance of granted patents and registered trademarks;
h. Recommend appropriate actions for enforcement of intellectual property rights and coordinate with the appropriate authorities for the filing of appropriate actions and other measures to protect the intellectual property rights of BASC;
i. Administer the funds allocated for patenting and activities related to the protection and commercializa­tion of BASC IP;
j. Negotiate and manage contracts for the pro­duction, distribution, and marketing of BASC IP assets;
k. Spearhead the preparation of business and marketing plans and in securing financial assistance for any commercialization project activity.
l. Administer payments derived from any com­mercialized IP assets;
m. Negotiate all license agreements for intellectual properties of BASC;
n. Initiate the creation and revision of BASC policies, strategies, guidelines and procedures concerning intellectual property;
o. Represent BASC in Intellectual Property organizations, associations and societies.