A globally-engaged higher education institution of agriculture and allied disciplines.

Provide excellent instruction, conduct relevant research and foster community engagement that produce highly competent graduates necessary for the development of the country.


The REPD office shall broaden the corpus of knowledge, expand the innovation reservoir, and encourage community engagement to improve the quality of life in its service area, and contribute to national sustainable development.

1. To become a regional centre for agricultural research and allied sciences with enhanced engagement, impact and visibility.
2. To improve the quality of life of the socially and economically-disadvantaged communities through the conduct of research-based and instruction-based extension services in agriculture and allied fields that are responsive to the needs of the community.
3. To foster an environment that promotes and rewards the creation of new knowledge, creativity, innovation, and the use of new technologies.

In the next five years the Intellectual Property Office shall endeavor to:

Register at least 70 Intellectual Properties at Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) and the National Library;
Facilitate the incubation and full commercialization of at least 2 registered IP; and
Be an IPOPHL accredited Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO).

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